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Most Omaha residents know that winter is cold, sometimes snowy, and always unpredictable. The City of Omaha is capable of handling most snow events and keeping the roadsSnow Plowing clear in the city. However, there are times during and after every snowfall, when some drivers prefer not to venture out. Trips are going to take longer due to slower traffic speeds. Sometimes drivers are wise to take alternate routes to avoid steep streets or take more heavily traveled and better-treated streets.

It is best not to find yourself in a situation when you have to go out and the streets are not completely clear. This can be done with a little planning and checking on the weather forecast. Winter weather is easy to follow in the Midwest; the weather is a top story whenever there is snow or icy conditions in the forecast.

Regional Snow Removal

A snowfall will trigger snow removal operations from many agencies and private companies. Commercial centers and office building typically have contractors and staff who perform snow removal on their property. City streets are cleared by city crews. County roads and highways are cleared by county personnel. The State clears the interstate and state highways.

From the State level to individual property owners shoveling their drives, cooperation helps with the overall goal of making the city navigable and safe for drivers and pedestrians.

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