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Sidewalk Repairs

The Omaha Municipal Code, Sections 26-41 – 26-44, states property owners are obligated to construct and repair the sidewalks abutting their properties. Click here for evaluation criteria.

Section 26-41, Section 26-42, Section 26-43, Section 26-44
(you may need to scroll down to the appropriate sections)

Driveway Approach Repairs

The OMC, Sections 34-107 states that property owners are obligated to remove, reconstruct, relocate or repair any driveway approach which is causing damage or likely to cause damage to or interfere with any street structures, including pavement or sidewalks. Click here for evaluation criteria.

Section 34-107 (you may need to scroll down to 34-107)


Frequently Asked Questions about Sidewalk and Driveway Approach Repairs


Q. Why did the city send a repair notice for sidewalk and/or driveway approach to me?

A. The Omaha Municipal Code (OMC) states property owners are responsible for repairing unsafe sidewalks and deteriorated driveway approaches that can cause damage to city streets. To view sections of the OMC referring to these repairs, select:
Sidewalk: Section
26-41, Section 26-42, Section 26-43, Section 26-44
Driveway Approach: Section 34-107

Q. What does the green paint on my sidewalk and/or driveway approach signify?

A. The green paint identifies the parameters of the area that need to be repaired. An "X" signifies one panel replacement. Arrows on two sides indicate the area between them require repair.

Q. What options do I have to repair the sidewalk and/or driveway approach?

A.Option 1: Hire your own contractor or make repairs yourself.

Option 2: Have the City’s contractor make repairs.

Q. When I have decided which option I prefer, what is my next step?

A.Option 1 requires calling (402) 444-5283 and providing your full name, the property address of the repairs, and whether you or your contractor will do the work.

Important: You must request an inspection after the forms have been set, before the concrete is poured. Call (402) 444-5280 to schedule an inspection.

Option 2 requires no action on your part. The City’s contractor will perform the work.

Q. What is the typical repair cost if the City’s contractor performs the work? How is this price determined?

A. The estimated cost varies from year to year and is determined annually when the City accepts and awards a contract to the lowest qualified bidder.

Q. I want to pay for the repairs which the City's contractor completed. Can I send a check now?

A. After you receive your Statement of Account, you will have 30 days from the billing date to pay for repairs. If the amount is not paid within 30 days, it will be processed for special assessment with the next sidewalk assessment district.

Q. Why did I receive the Standard Plate?

A. The Standard Plate provides instructions for property owners who hire their own contractors or make their own repairs.

Q. How does the City notify a property owner that sidewalk or driveway approach repairs are needed?

A. In accordance with the OMC, a certified letter is mailed to property owners regarding the needed repairs. The U.S. Postal Service will make two (2) attempts to deliver it. If no one is home to sign for the certified letter, a Form 3849 (peach-colored 3½ " x 5"card), notifying the property owner of the certified letter, is left in the mailbox. If no one claims the certified letter, it is returned to the City and repairs are scheduled.

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Sidewalk Evaluation


A sidewalk shall be considered defective when exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics:


FIGURE “A”: Sidewalk faulted at joint or crack with 1” or more deflection.


Sidewalks Figure A 


FIGURE “B”: Sidewalk raised more than 2" in 8 ft. from normal profile line of sidewalk. BACK to TOP


 Sidewalks Figure B


FIGURE “C”: Sidewalk sunken more than 2" in 8 ft. from normal profile line of sidewalk. BACK to TOP


 Sidewalks Figure C


FIGURE “D”: Sidewalk cracked into 3 or more pieces per panel, or any single crack with 1/2" or greater openings. BACK to TOP


 Sidewalks Figure D


FIGURE “E”: Sidewalk cracked and/or spalled (smaller crater like holes deeper then 3/8") with part of sidewalk missing and forming holes deeper than 3/8 inch. BACK to TOP


Sidewalks Figure E


NOTE: Additional defects such as, severe scaling, wide horizontal cracks, missing concrete or brick, utility valves, etc., can cause a condition which may be unsafe. These conditions are not necessarily quantifiable and, as such, will be handled in the best judgment of the inspectors.


Driveway Approach Evaluation


A driveway approach shall be considered defective when exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics:


  1. Improperly constructed driveway approaches, such as those constructed with a non-formed joint (sledge-hammer, etc.) with the street, are the property owner’s responsibility to repair.
  2. If the driveway approach extends into the pavement and is integral with the curb and gutter (as with a lugout), the property owner’s responsibility extends to the joint.
  3. An improperly constructed driveway approach and the joint with the edge of the street pavement will allow surface runoff to undermine the street.

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