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The Papio WWTP is one of two major plants that service the Omaha Metropolitan Area. The Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant services everything east of 42nd St and the Papio plant services the areas west of 42nd Street to include Bennington, Boys Town, Elkhorn, Papillion, La Vista, Omaha, Bellevue, and Offutt Air Force base. The plant serves approximately 450,000 people with an average daily flow of 60 million gallons per day.

Wastewater is produced through a variety of different ways from your household sink, toilet, and shower to industrial run-off and industrial waste. In order to maintain the environment, this waste must be collected and treated before being released back into the environment. To do this the city has an integrated network of sewer lines that collect waste and move it to the Wastewater Treatment plant for treatment through a set of processes similar to the Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The basic concept is to separate the solid waste from the water to be able to return the water to a near-natural state. To do this the wastewater is sent through a series of systems to separate the solids.Anaerobic Process diagram

The solids are then sent to an Anaerobic Digester which utilizes bacteria to break down the organic solids into a Biogas consisting of Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The Biogas is collected off of the top of an airtight tank and utilized to run large power generating engines. 


The plant averages collecting 500,000 cubic feet of gas per day and can produce 35% of the Wastewater Treatment Plant's total electricity needs.




The Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility is also the location for the City of Omaha's composting operations. The yard waste from the city composted and then is offered for sale to the public in bulk or in bags labeled as Oma-Gro ®. To find out more, click on the link below for the website.

City of Omaha Composting Facility           

15705 Harlan Lewis Road
Bellevue, NE 68123-5728

(402) 444-6665



Open weekdays only.
Yard waste season 7 am - 7 pm

Rest of year 7 am -3 pm


From Omaha, go south on Highway 75 (Kennedy Freeway). 3 miles south of Cape Hart Road, turn east on LaPlatte Road (traffic light) travel 2 miles, then one-half mile north on Harlan Lewis Road to the Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.