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The Sewer Maintenance Clerks are available for service received by phone and fax lines during normal business hours. After hours coverage of the request phone lines are dispatched from the City of Omaha's Street Department, which maintains a 24 hour/7 days a week Emergency contact at 402-444-4919

Calls are delegated to the "first responders" or Service Truck Crews that investigate requests for service and represent the City when meeting with property owners and residents (our customers). The Service requests are answered in this hierarchy:

  1. Cave-ins: usually within pavement and can be due to sewer collapses or defects
  2. Manhole covers/Catch Basin Lids/grates open or missing
  3. Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO or CSO)
  4. Water In Basement (WIB) Occurrences
  5. Had WIBs
  6. Odors
  7. Utility Locate Requests

Sewer Maintenance Service Crews support emergency response by:

  • Basement Back-up Complaints
  • Jetting and sawing blockages
  • CCTV pipeline inspection
  • Dye testing

Sewer Maintenance Construction activities include:

  • Assisting in repairs of pavement cave-ins due to sewers
  • Sewer pipe and manhole construction and repairs
  • Construction and repair of Storm Sewer Structures and pipe systems
  • Other emergency construction related to the collection system

Civil Engineering and other Technical staff at Sewer Maintenance:

  • Manage and analyze data to assist in the best solution during emergency response.
  • Administer larger, more complex repair and rehabilitation projects.
  • Regulatory Reporting of Sanitary Sewer Overflows that result from pipe collapses and other defects.
  • Track Water Main breaks and their effects on the sanitary and combined systems
  • Tracking and reporting other NPDES Permit requirements on the collection system.