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Environmental Quality News & Announcements

Sarpy County Spring Clean Up Dates
 Other communities also have Spring Clean Up Dates for those of you in Sarpy County Jurisdictions!  City Date Location Bellevue TBD www.Bellevue.net for further information Papillion April 20 - April 23, 2017  www.Papillion.org for further information La Vista April 28 - April 29,... Read More...
Omaha Spring Clean Up 2017 begins April 22nd and goes until May 20th, 2017 The Omaha Spring Clean Up program is a joint effort of the City of Omaha, Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc., and supportive neighborhood and community groups. This program wouldn’t be available without the many community advocacy... Read More...
Newly Updated Omaha Stormwater Webpage!
Come see and explore our new and improved OMAHASTORMWATER.ORG website. MORE content! EASIER navigation! BETTER interface! UPDATED often! www.OmahaStormwater.org Read More...
With Spring on the horizon and your list of cleaning and home improvement projects growing by the minute, you may begin to notice how much space your paint, chemicals, and yard care products take up in the garage and under the sink. Overstocked kitchen and garage cabinets could present a hazard and... Read More...
Illegal dumping and littering are crimes!
Illegal dumping and littering are crimes. If you see illegal dumping in your neighborhood, please contact the Mayor's Hotline at 402-444-5555 or download the Mayor’s Hotline Mobile App for your smartphone and submit the complaint, along with a photo using the app. It works great for reporting all... Read More...

The City of Omaha understands the importance of having a clean environment. Omaha strives to take care of the environment through the various programs listed below. These programs follow the guidelines given by the Environment Protection Agency and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

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Collection FAQs - From Wasteline (November 2012)

Q. I didn’t get my garbage out in time last week so will I be able to put out twice the amount next week?

A. No, the limit is still 5 containers.

Q. My material was tagged as overweight. How do they know it was over weight? I got it to the curb, why can’t they collect it?

A. Each crew picks up the waste from over 2,000 households per day. The 45 pound limit is a federal guideline to protect the workers from injury. They are very experienced and will give the benefit of the doubt to the resident unless it’s grossly overweight.

Q. My material was tagged as Over Weight but that’s just because it rained last night and it’s wet. It’s not my fault.

A. The weight limit on cans is 45 pounds. The containers will need to be less than 45 pounds to be collected next week. To avoid this situation in the future, we suggest using trash cans with lids or switching to bags instead.

Q. My material was tagged as Over Weight, but now I’ve divided it up into more containers. When will they be back to pick it up?

A. Your next day of collection.

Q. Animals tipped over my can and there is litter everywhere. Why wasn’t the litter picked up?

A. The contractor is not responsible for litter in the area prior to their arrival.

Q. My garbage can was emptied but there is still trash in the bottom of it. Why didn’t they dig out the trash at the bottom?

A. The contractor is not required to dig out trash that is stuck in the bottom of the can. It is not safe for the collector to reach into a trash can. To avoid this problem, you could use plastic bags for garbage and the special paper yardwaste bags.

Q. I had branches bundled and when the crew picked it up the string broke and they just left it. Why didn’t they go ahead and take the branches?

A. Branches need to be securely bundled to avoid this. The crew is not responsible for picking up branches that are not bundled securely.

Q. My trash was tagged because it is in a black bag. I’ve always used black bags and never had a problem before. Why didn’t they take them today?

A. The City’s municipal code and our contract with Deffenbaugh prohibits the use of black bags, however, it is the discretion of the contractor to risk penalties at the landfill if unauthorized items have been discarded in a black bag. 

end faq


Did You Know ...

Source: http://roads.nebraska.gov/media/2784/habitat-litter-poster.pdf

- Birds and animals get tangled in litter, such as plastic six-pack holders and fishing lines—and it can kill them.
- Cigarette butts and other trash can poison fish and birds.
- Aluminum cans take more than 500 years and plastics & Styrofoam up to a million years to decompose.
- The Nebraska Department of Roads spends more than $1.1 million each year cleaning litter from Nebraska’s roadsides.
- The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and Nebraska Game and Parks spends more than $1 million a year to clean litter and trash from conservation areas and other locations throughout the state.