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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Public WorksOmaha, Nebraska

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Since the winter of 2010-2011, Omaha has been enforcing the snow emergency parking regulations to better facilitate curb to curb snow removal in residential neighborhoods during large snowfalls.

These regulations impact how and where cars can be parked on residential streets east of 72nd Street. During a declared snow emergency, cars must park on the odd number side of the street on odd calendar dates, and the even number side on even calendar dates.

The odd side is the side of the street that has odd house addresses (801, 803, 807, 1211, 1215, etc.). The south and east sides of streets contain odd numbers.


The even side is the side of the street that has even numbered addresses (802, 804, 806, 1212, 1216, etc.). The north and west sides of streets have even addresses.

The City will declare a snow emergency when forecast conditions are such that it is imperative to clear residential streets of snow from curb to curb. Generally, if four or more inches of snow are forecast and a prolonged period of below-freezing temperatures is projected, a snow emergency will be declared. Other factors in the decision to declare a snow emergency are high winds and the amount of snow already on the ground.

no-parking-this-side-this-blockNo parking zones indicated by this sign are conditionally lifted during a snow emergency and the odd/even side parking rules apply.

No parking zones indicated by these signs are always in effect, even during a snow

Other parking prohibitions that are in effect even during a snow emergency include no parking:

  • In an intersection
  • In a crosswalk
  • Within 30 feet of an intersection
  • Within 15 feet of a hydrant
  • In front of a driveway or alley

handicap-parkingThere are handicap only parking spaces in residential neighborhoods. The snow emergency parking ban will apply to the handicap designation. During a snow emergency, a handicap parking stall may be used by a properly tagged vehicle when parking is permitted on the side of the street where the stall is marked. The stall may not be used by any vehicle when parking is prohibited on that side.