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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Public WorksOmaha, Nebraska

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Link to the Permix website

Standard Plates/Curb Ramps and Specifications

Private Plans Downloadable Documents: Contact Brian Lodes, Private Plans Engineer, for questions at 402-444-5106

As-Built Certification Form updated 2-24-15

Designers Plan Checklist

Final Design Certification Form updated 4-29-15

Preliminary Design Certification Form

Fillable PW-55 Bond Form

Easement and Dedication Templates: Questions? Contact Tim Phelan, Right-of-Way Manager, at 402-444-5244

Corporate Dedication for Street Purposes

Individual Dedication for Street Purposes

LLC Dedication for Street Purposes

Partnership Dedication for Street Purposes

PE- Corporate Sewer

PE- Individual Sewer

PE- LLC Sewer

PE- Partnership Sewer

Permanent Noise Attenuation Easement-Corporation

Permanent Noise Attenuation Easement-Individual

Permanent Noise Attenuation Easement-LLC

Public Access Easement-Corporation

Public Access Easement-Individual

Public Access Easement-LLC

Easement Release

Checklist for Easement Release

Subdivisions and Developments: Contact Ryan Haas, Traffic Engineering, for questions at 402-444-5102

Development Fees Updated 7-1-2018

Revision Control Doc for Subdivision Agreement Templates Updated 7-1-2018

Short Form Subdivision Agreement Template Updated 7-1-2018

Subdivision Agreement Template (For SID's) Updated 7-1-2018

Subdivision Agreement Template (Non-SIDs inside City Limits) Updated 7-1-2018

Subdivision Agreement Template (Non-SIDs outside City Limits) Updated 7-1-2018

Source and Use of Funds