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A helpful tool used by OAQC to assist in odor complaint investigations is the Silonite® Canister.  A canister is supplied to a participant, who will then have the ability to collect an air sample when an odor is most noticeable at their residence or business. This allows the sample to be taken without one of OAQC's inspectors being on site at the time.

What is a Silonite® Canister?

A Silonite® Canister is an evacuated stainless steel vessel that is used to collect an instantaneous air sample.  The canister has had the internal surfaces specially passivated. This process combines an electro-polishing step with chemical deactivation to produce a surface that is chemically inert. A Silonite® surface has the appearance of a mirror: bright and shiny.

Collecting a sample

The method of obtaining a sample is simple, and can be used by the general public concerned about odors or emissions from a nearby source. Participants receive written instructions on how to collect samples. It is at the participants’ discretion as to when the sample is taken, so that a sample can be taken when conditions are representative of those which generated the initial concern.

The participants return the canister to OAQC once the sample has been collected.  The canister and the Chain of Custody Tag containing the date, time and other pertinent facts are then transferred to a Laboratory for analysis.

After the laboratory analysis is complete, and the chemical constituents identified, further investigation may result in identifying the source(s) of the odors which triggered the initial complaint.

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about the Silonite® Canister Program, please call Omaha Air Quality Control at 402-444-6015.