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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Public WorksOmaha, Nebraska

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Each source subject to Operating Permit requirements must submit an annual emissions inventory to OAQC by March 31st of each year. 

The emissions inventory will include all regulated (permitted) emissions from the source for the previous calendar year.  To obtain the emissions inventory form for your facility, contact OAQC at 402-444-6015.

View a list of the most recent Emissions Inventories reported to OAQC:

2012 Emissions Inventories alt

2011 Emissions Inventories alt

2010 Emissions Inventories pdf symbol

2009 Emissions Inventoriespdf symbol

2008 Emissions Inventoriespdf symbol

2008-2012 Emissions Inventories alt

*If you have trouble reading or accessing the documents on this page, please contact OAQC at 402-444-6015.*