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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Public WorksOmaha, Nebraska

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Open burning is prohibited in the Omaha city limits unless prior approval has been granted by OAQC and the Omaha Fire Department, and a burn permit has been obtained.  Download a copy of the burn permit application.pdf symbol  This application should be filled out and delivered to OAQC (5600 S 10th Street) for review.  If approved by OAQC, the application will then need to be taken to the Omaha Fire Department, along with payment of the permit fee ($48.60 for open burning, $162.00 for fireworks), for final approval and permit issuance.

Open burning in Omaha is allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Areas within the City limits of Omaha shall be restricted to ceremonial fires or bonfires for school pep rallies, boy scouts, or family outings.
  2. In addition to what is allowed in Item #1, areas within the Millard Suburban Fire District may also be allowed to burn brush piles, tree piles, etc. if located on large acreages or, if contractors are clearing land, for construction purposes.  The final decision will be that of the Fire Marshal.
  3. No open burning shall be allowed before dawn or after 11:00 p.m.
  4. No open burning in residential areas shall be permitted to burn for more than three (3) hours.
  5. A permit for open burning within the City limits of Omaha shall be obtained by first applying with the Air Quality Control Division of Public Works.  The permit application shall then be forwarded to the Fire Marshal for his approval.
  6. Areas within the Millard Suburban Fire District only shall be issued a permit to burn.  A permit for open burning not within the Millard Suburban Fire District shall be the responsibility of the local fire chief.
  7. A permit for open burning within the Millard Suburban Fire District shall be issued by the Omaha Fire Department.
  8. The $162.00 (Fireworks) fee must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau prior to the issuance of a burning permit.  Bonfire ($48.60).
  9. Only free-burning combustible material such as dry kindling wood or scrap lumber may be used.  No material such as plastics, rubber, stuffed furniture, etc. that gives off large amounts of smoke may be burned.  Newspaper or cardboard shall be limited to an amount required to start the fire.  No combustible liquids shall be used as a starter or propellant for these fires.
  10. The pile of material to be burned shall be no larger than six (6) feet by six (6) feet by four (4) feet in height in residential areas.  In commercial areas and large acreages, the pile of material to be burned shall be no larger than thirty (30) by thirty (30) feet by ten (10) feet in height.  The Fire Prevention Bureau inspector shall make the final decision of the pile size.  Material may be added to the pile so long as the pile does not exceed the area limitation stated above.
  11. There shall not be more than one such pile permitted to burn at any one time.
  12. The fires shall not be located within fifty (50) feet of any structure.  The area must be open with no overhead appurtenances and accessible to Fire Department apparatus.  The area will be inspected and approved by a Fire Department representative before a permit is issued.
  13. The party obtaining the permit shall be at the site during the entire burn and shall insure the fire is extinguished with water before leaving the property.

The Fire Department reserves the right to cancel any open burning permit when atmospheric conditions or other circumstances make such fires hazardous at anytime.

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