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40 CFR 63 Subpart MMMM and PPPP (Coating of Metal and Plastic Parts)

Subparts 4M and 4P cover the surface coating of metal and plastic parts, respectively, at major sources of HAPs (i.e. those with potential to emit greater than 10 tons per year of any single HAP or 25 tons per year of total combined HAPs).  

Facilities that are subject to 4M and/or 4P are required to obtain an Air Operating Permit from OAQC, and should already have an Air Construction Permit.  If you feel your facility may be subject to either of these MACTs, please contact OAQC at 402-444-6015.


EPA 4M brochure 
EPA 4P brochure pdf symbol
e-CFR for Subpart MMMM
e-CFR for Subpart PPPP
NDEQ Air Toxics Page for 4M
NDEQ Air Toxics Page for 4P

40 CFR 63 Subpart WWWWW (Hospitals using Ethylene Oxide Sterilization)

Subpart 5W covers hospitals using Ethylene Oxide in their medical equipment sterilization process. Hospitals using E-O Sterilization are required to follow certain procedures to minimize the release of ethylene oxide to the atmosphere.

Hospitals that do not have an Air Pollution Control Device installed to capture ethylene oxide must run only full loads having a common aeration time in their sterilizers, unless a partial load is deemed medically necessary. Records must be kept of time and date of each load, whether the load was full or partial, and, if a partial, a note from medical personnel that it was medically necessary. Records must be kept onsite for two years, and either onsite or off for a total of five years. 

Hospitals subject to this regulation are required to submit an annual notification of compliance to OAQC.

OAQC’s Annual Notification of Compliance form pdf symbol

*If you have trouble reading or accessing this form, please contact OAQC at 402-444-6015.*


EPA’s 5W brochurealt
NDEQ Air Toxics Page for 5W

*The City of Omaha cannot guarantee the accuracy or accessibility of any document published by outside agencies.*

40 CFR 63 Subpart WWWWWW (Plating and Polishing Operations)

Subpart 6W covers plating and polishing operations at area sources that use cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), or lead (Pb) in the following processes:

  • Non-cyanide electroplating and electroforming (pH<12), and electropolishing
  • Cyanide plating (pH?12)
  • Electroless plating
  • Other coating, such as chromium conversion coating
  • Thermal spraying
  • Dry mechanical polishing

The requirements under this rule vary according the plating or polishing operation (see EPA brochure, below, for specific requirements).  All facilities subject to this rule are required to submit an annual notification of compliance to OAQC.

OAQC's 6W Notification Form pdf icon

OAQC's 6W Annual Notification Form alt


EPA's 6W brochure pdf icon

EPA's 6W Summary alt

EPA's 6W Q & A pdf icon


NDEQ's Air Toxics for 6W