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40 CFR 63 Subpart CCCCCC covers all facilities that dispense gasoline into:

  • on- and off-road street or highway motor vehicles
  • lawn equipment
  • boats
  • test engines
  • landscaping equipment
  • generators
  • pumps
  • other gasoline-fueled engines and equipment

The requirements under this rule are based on average monthly throughput and are broken up into three tiers:

  1. Less than 10,000 gallons monthly throughput;
  2. Between 10,000 and 100,000 gallons;
  3. Greater than 100,000 gallons monthly throughput.

Control Requirements

Control requirements under this regulation are:

Monthly Throughput *Requirements

Under 10,000 gallons

Between 10,000 and 100,000 gallons

Greater than 100,000 gallons
    1. Minimize spills
    2. Clean up spills expeditiously
    3. Cover gasoline containers & storage tank fill pipes with gasket seal
    4. Minimize gasoline sent to open collection systems

      All of the above, plus:
    5. For storage tanks greater than 250 gallons capacity, load storage tank using submerged fill with discharge that is no more than the following from the bottom of the tank: **
  • 12 inches for pipes installed on or before 11/9/2006
  • 6 inches for pipes installed after 11/9/2006
All of the above, plus one of the following:

  1. Operate vapor balance system during storage tank loadings using the follow management practices
    1. Equipment connections & lines with seal closures
    2. Vapor tight line from storage tank to cargo tank
    3. Cargo Tank pressure remains below specified settings
    4. Designed to prevent over tight/loose fittings
    5. Gauge well provided with submerged drop tube extending specified distance from tank bottom, in keeping with Item 5, above
    6. Use vapor tight caps for liquid fill connections
    7. Install pressure/vacuum vent valves on tank vent at specified setting, and test initially and every 3 years
    8. Vapor balance system must meet static pressure test initially and every 3 years
    9. Dual-point (no coaxial) vapor balance systems for new GDF or tanks, and reconstructed GDF
  2. Vapor balance system demonstrated to achieve a reduction of 95% or better.

* - Monthly throughput is defined as either the total volume of gasoline loaded into or dispensed from all storage tanks at a GDF each month.  It is calculated by summing the total gasoline loaded into or dispensed from all storage tanks each day with the previous 364 days, then dividing by 12.

** - Facilities complying with Nebraska Fire Marshal Underground Storage Tank regulations are already in compliance with this regulation.

Compliance Dates:

Existing Facilities January 10, 2011
New Facilities At startup
Facilities that dispense gasoline into tanks other than those in motor vehicles January 24, 2011

Reporting Requirements

While 40 CFR 63 Subpart CCCCCC requires initial notification and notification of compliance only for those facilities with monthly throughput over 100,000 gallons (since facilities in Nebraska dispensing between 10,000 and 100,000 gallons are already complying with the State Fire Marshal requirements for submerged filling and are thus exempt from notification requirements), the City of Omaha requires all facilities subject to this rule to submit notifications. 

Notification Schedule:

Notification TypeDue Date
Initial Notification Existing Facilities: May 9, 2008
New Facilities: Within 15 days of startup
Facilities that load gasoline into tanks other than those in motor vehicles:  May 24, 2011
Notification of Compliance Existing Facilities: March 11, 2011
New Facilities: 60 Days after startup
Facilities that load gasoline into tanks other than those in motor vehicles:  January 24, 2014
OAQC Annual Notification of Compliance March 31st of each year
Other Notifications Vapor Balance Test: 60 days prior to test
Vapor Balance Test Results: 180 days after test


Notification Forms:
Initial Notification/Notification of Compliancepdf symbol
Annual Notification of Compliancepdf symbol

*If you have trouble reading or accessing these forms, please contact OAQC at 402-444-6015.*

Useful Links:

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*The City of Omaha cannot guarantee the accuracy or accessibility of any document published by outside agencies.*